Common space creates tranquility and openness.

A sober concierge foyer welcomes residents and visitors. This subdued and tranquil hall leads to a bright, open space, where a matte-polish marble floor lends an elegant and distinguished atmosphere. Further along, a lounge with rosewood flooring and furniture from Minotti creates a space for residents and visitors to connect with each other comfortably. In the elevator foyer, an artisanal wall with a multi-layer design instills a sense of anticipation in first-time guests.

Lounge / Elevator HallLounge / Elevator Hall
Entrance in the first basementEntrance in the first basement


The building’s structural integrity has been vetted over its 20-year history, and it has matured into an integral part of the surroundings. By preserving those features, we aimed to revamp the building utilizing Aoyama’s fashionable and artistic character as a town. The design’s effect changes depending on vantage point and time of day, providing residents with an ideal backdrop for their chosen style of life.
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